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This is a Velvet Teen Fan Site designed as a reference.  It contains a complete Tour Chronology and the most extensive Setlist Archive to date.  Navigate with the buttons to the left.  Enjoy!

Live at the Los Gatos Outhouse, Los Gatos, CA 04.09.04

Updated 07.24.06 -
Added new tour dates to the Tour Chronology section, as well as uploaded a setlist scan. The US tour is solidifying, so not all dates have been announced yet. Check back soon for the rest. Also, Cum Laude is officially released tomorrow. Many are already commenting on how amazing the record is. Please pick up a copy at your local record store, or better yet, at Slowdance. Also, stay tuned for more info on the Cum Laude vinyl which contains a vinyl only bonus track called "The Raining Curtains".
Updated 07.20.06 -
Added the lyrics to The Raining Curtains off the Cum Laude vinyl (to be released). Lyrics available in the Complete Collection of Lyrics (2000-2006) which was issued with the first 500 copies of Cum Laude ordered from Slowdance.
Updated 07.12.06 -
Added the lyrics to Cum Laude to the Discography. All lyrics written by Judah Nagler, music written by the Velvet Teen. Cum Laude will be released in the US on July 25, 2006. You can preorder the release at Slowdance and the first 500 will receive a hand-numbered lyric booklet.
Updated 07.02.06 -
Added the newest tour dates to the Tour Chronology as well as a new setlist for a 2005 show. Also added a picture of the Cum Laude Preview Player that is available on the Slowdance website. Check it out to hear 5 tracks off the upcoming release. Slowdance is also offering a pre-sale for Cum Laude on July 11, so check that out in a couple weeks. The new album has been released in Japan with three bonus tracks which are already available in the US on the GyzmKid EP and the Elysium vinyl. Also, Cum Laude will be released on vinyl from Pandacide records with a bonus 7". The release date is not yet confirmed, so check out their website for more information when it becomes available.
Updated 05.10.06 -
Added the tracklisting for the upcoming release entitled Cum Laude! Also added in some tentative lyrics for the cute version of False Profits. An older tour date was added to the Tour Chronology as well. Check back in for more updates as they become available. Also, the Velvet Teen is playing a couple shows at the end of this month and the beginning of June.
Updated 04.11.06 -
The lyrics for GyzmKid off the new EP are now in the Discography section.  I also updated the Tour Chronology with a new tour date at the Phoenix Theatre in Petaluma on May 26.
Updated 04.05.06 -
The Discography section has been updated to include cover art for both the new EP entitled "GyzmKid", and the artwork for the upcoming full-length record "Cum Laude!".  Click on the GyzmKid artwork to view the tracklisting and more information.  I also added a new ticket stub scan and the setlist from the most recent show.  That can be viewed in the Tour Chronology section.

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07.02.06 -
Cum Laude released in Japan. US pre-order for the new album is on July 11th from Slowdance. Cum Laude will also be available on vinyl from Pandacide along with a bonus 7". The Velvet Teen will be playing two CD release shows on the West Coast at the end of this month. Cum Laude will be released on July 25th in the US.

The purpose of this site is to document Tour information regarding The Velvet Teen.  It contains the most completely compiled Tour Chronology and Setlist Database to date.  I've worked very hard to construct these, so please, if you use information from my website please give credit where credit is due.  If you have anything to contribute please e-mail me, I'm always looking for more information.  Thanks to all of those who have already helped.

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