Don't ever go...Don't ever leave me...

10.29.04 The Phoenix Theatre, Petaluma, CA

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01.  Naked Girl
02.  In a Steadman Spray
03.  Penicillin (It Doesn't Mean Much)
04.  A Captive Audience
05.  Caspian Can Wait
06.  Radiapathy
07.  Poor Celine
08.  Into the Open
09.  Four Story Tantrum
10.  We Were Bound (To Bend the Rules)
11.  Code Red
12.  Forlorn
13.  Chimera Obscurant
14.  Counting Backwards (encore)

Show Notes:  On the actual setlist, "Poor Celine" came after "Four Story Tantrum", but the above order was what was played.