Don't ever go...Don't ever leave me...

01.30.03 The Bottom of the Hill, San Francisco, CA

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01.  Naked Girl
02.  Four Story Tantrum
03.  Bass/Drum Solo
04.  Red, Like Roses
05.  Poor Celine
06.  Radiapathy
07.  Into the Open
08.  A Captive Audience
Show Notes:  Judah broke a string on "Four Story Tantrum" and while fixing the string Josh and Logan played together.  During the solo they played a "Your Last Words" tease, with no vocals obviously.  Also during the show Judah did his ever-famous stage dive into the middle of the audience during "Into the Open".  He came out of it with a bloody eye, but it was well-worth it.  According to him, it was a "first and last for The Velvet Teen".  After Josh tended to his wounds, they finished the set.