Don't ever go...Don't ever leave me...

09.14.05 The Knitting Factory, New York, NY

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01. Flick Clint
02. In A Steadman Spray
03. Naked Girl
04. Tokyoto
05. We're Bound (To Bend The Rules)
06. A Captive Audience
07. Forlorn
08. No One Gets The Best Of Me

Show Notes - This show was for the CMJ Festival. The setlist has two extra songs: "Radiapathy" and "Caspian Can Wait". These songs were not played due to circumtances with Judah and some guy in the audience as I understand it. The story is not clear, but apparently some guy offered Judah a beer which really was full of piss and he declined the offer. Then, the piss-beer spilled on some of the band's equipment. Whatever the fact of the matter is, it led to the band having to shorten their set. However, they did debut three new songs: "Flick Clint", "Tokyoto", and the vinyl-only Elysium bonus track "No One Gets The Best Of Me". Sounds like a pretty stellar show. If anyone would like to contribute more to the matter, please let me know.