Don't ever go...Don't ever leave me...

03.08.03 The Catalyst, Santa Cruz, CA

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01.  Caspian Can Wait
02.  Naked Girl
03.  Four Story Tantrum
04.  Radiapathy
05.  Code Red
06.  Counting Backwards
07.  Into the Open
Show Notes:  Judah had been having trouble with his keyboard all night.  After "Four Story Tantrum" he sat down at it and attempted to get it to work.  After a long time they just went on and played "Radiapathy".  Then after "Radiapathy" he tried once more, changed some settings, and they started to play a very electronic sounding "Poor Celine".  Only a few measures were played before it stopped working.  Finally Judah picked up his guitar and took a request from the audience.  From the back of the venue "Code Red" was shouted out, and then immediately played.  I'd venture to guess that "A Captive Audience" was on the setlist as well, but that will never be known for sure.